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The Ridiculous What?

The Ridiculous Hour Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable Christian mission that exists to inspire lives ridiculously responsive to the promptings of God. In a world where we are bombarded with dings and beeps and alarms and expectations that send us in countless, and often conflicting directions, we create opportunities for people to explore a life of deeper purpose and meaning -- a life that rethinks and reorders responsiveness to God.

To create a worldwide community where ridiculous responsiveness to God results in practical acts of service.

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*Family packs counted by number in family.

The only way to stop responding to everything is to fight for the space to explore a life ridiculously responsive to God!

What We Do

Each month, we create Mobile Mission Packs with true stories, simple principles and wildly creative activities that point us to a posture of daily responsiveness. Click on any of our past missions and request a Mission Pack or simply opt to receive them in your mailbox as they release. Click here: Free Packs in the Mail. Prefer Digital? Click here: Free Digital Packs. You'll get an audible version of the mission with added content in an email without our signature equipping pieces. We've designed these two options to work together, so BOTH is the best way to go [regular mail and ONE monthly email]. Our life with the Lord is not meant to be full of drudgery. Responsiveness brings joy. Won't you join us?

Ridiculous Hour Talks

Our Founder, Kat Silverglate, has been speaking publicly most of her adult life, first as a lawyer and professionalism advocate, then a ministry leader and retreat coordinator, and now a seminary graduate and mission founder. Ridiculous Hour Talks are designed for groups that want to explore ridiculously responsive living. Our signature talk introduces the concept of responsive living in a wildly creative way!

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Explore A Booking

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God is speaking all the time. The question is, are we listening?

Responsiveness begins with being ridiculously alert.

Ridiculous Happenings

Ridiculous Talks: Thank you Gladys Cabrera for welcoming us to a women's group on May 9 at the Copper City branch of CityRev Church. Thank you to Lisa Semoy's Women's Group at Community Christian Church in Davie for inviting us to bring the message "Responsive Living" on April 9. And to the Women of Beth T'filah for inviting us to bring the message "BRAVE" to your annual women's event on March 17th in Miramar, Fl. Thank you to Elevating Word Church in Pembroke Pines, FL for hosting us on February 4th for a congregation-wide Ridiculous Hour message called "WHO'S IN YOUR CLOUD?"

Counter Celebration: In April 2024, our total mission pack counter rolled past 40,000! Next month we'll surpass 45,000. We count family packs by individual and we count digital-only subscribers per subscriber. We are over the moon with gratitude to all who have participated since our grass roots beginning four + years ago. We have seen the answer to our prayers through your participation. We continue to receive gift requests and welcome them all year long!

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Listen, Learn, and Respond

We do two things in our podcasts. First, we release our Mobile Monthly Mission stories and activities in an audio format that allows listeners to simply hear what's going on this month. Be still. Pray about it. See what God does with the message. Second, we give periodic mid-mission updates. Sometimes they are stories of your experiences. Sometimes they are added content. Sometimes, they are prayers and encouragement for all who are participating. The best way to learn more is to subscribe!

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